Optimedio Interactive Agency

We are an interactive agency that provides comprehensive services in the field of promoting websites on the Internet. We specialize in positioning websites in search engines, SEO audits, UX / UI analysis, content marketing. We create effective Google AdWords campaigns and we promote companies in social media. In addition, we perform a number of other services, individually adjusting the strategy to the customer’s needs and the specificity of the industry in which the company operates.

We do not follow the same paths, we do not stick to patterns. We are constantly looking for new solutions that bring the best results. We will make your website visible on the Internet and attractive for visitors, thanks to which you will gain an ever-growing group of loyal customers and you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.


Our mission is to create a positive image and promote companies on the Internet by implementing innovative solutions tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients.


The Optimedio Interactive Agency provides the highest quality services, tailoring the offer to the needs of clients and taking full advantage of the potential of each website. Our team consists of qualified marketing specialists, SEO experts, graphic designers and programmers. Together, we work to make your company a success and become recognizable on the Internet. We use the most effective methods and develop innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage to our clients.

What makes us special?

 we approach each client individually – we create a strategy that brings the best results

we provide comprehensive services – tell us what you need and we will prepare an offer for you

 in our work, we focus on quality

 we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage to our clients

 during the cooperation we are in touch – we listen, advise and help

 we are open to new projects and challenges